Dropping The Gloves with Billy Siers

Former Mississippi Surge, Elmira Jackals, and Battlecreek Revolution tough guy, Billy Siers, joins us for a Q&A.


Q: After playing two professional seasons. what was your most memorable fight?

A: There is not one specifically – But since I have to pick one, maybe (Kevin) Fukala on breast cancer night since it was kinda crazy.. and for a good cause.

Q: Before you turned pro, you played four seasons for Lawrence University. What are the differences between the professional and college game?

A: Professional is much more open and honest. College is much more systematic and predictable. It also does not have the police ability of the professional game, in which people are held accountable for their actions.

Q: With a lot of talk recently about fighting in hockey, do you think it belongs in the game and why?

A: I still think it does because it serves a larger purpose than most think. but it’s on its way out it seems.

Q: With the risks associated with fighting, why did you fight?

A: I fought because it was an tool I had to use in order to play at the professional level. There are more risks in the game of hockey than eating a fist here and there. Aside from a playoff overtime goal, there is absolutely no rush that comes close to the build up from a square up.. especially with a loud crowd. I’ve been skydiving too – becomes addicting.


Photo belongs to Amelia Woodcock.


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