SPHL All-Star Game?

I was just reading an article about the AHL’s new all-star game format. The AHL all-stars will play a different team (not their all-stars) from Europe each season. This provides exposure for both leagues and I feel like it will be a good thing. This made me question why there is no all-star game in the SPHL. Could it work?

Here is my short and sweet answer to that question: no. Logistically, it would be a nightmare. What would be the incentive for SPHL fans to make the haul to a distant arena to watch just a handful of their players participate in a meaningless match up? That alone is a compelling argument against an all-star game. However, I have a bit of an idea. What if the SPHL became connected with the ECHL (the CHL if it doesn’t fold) and have the SPHL champions face off against the ECHL (or CHL) champions? The match up could be played in a neutral setting so that neither of the supporters would be favored. This meeting would take place after the season, so it would not interfere with regular season play. The game would not be a meaningless affair like all-star games. The winning team would be awarded a cup for their efforts and bring recognition to their respective league. This idea is much like the AHL’s plan, but would feature two teams of battle-hardened warriors in an all out war for the (insert name here) cup.

What are your thoughts on this subject? Leave a comment and throw me your own ideas.


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