Leading Scorer Returns To Surge

The Mississippi Surge have announced that they have re-signed Adam Stuart for the 2013-2014 season. Before I get into the meat of this signing, you probably want to know who and what I am talking about. The Mississippi Surge are a Single A minor league hockey team located in Biloxi, MS. The league is about as low as you can get for professional hockey, but I have been following the Surge (and the Southern Professional Hockey League) for almost three years now. It may sound rough, but how many teams can boast about having a player involved in the famous Wayne Gretzky trade? Huh? HUH? That’s what I thought! Moving on…

Adam Stuart will be returning for his third season. If the Surge have one issue, it is certainly goal scoring. In 113 career SPHL games, Stuart has put 28 pucks in the back of the net and assisted on 43 more goals. With that kind of scoring record, Stuart certainly will bolster the forward position for the Surge. Stuart may not bring the flair of 43 goals like Fayetteville’s Josh McQuade did last year, but Stuart brings consistency. The Calgary, Alberta native has missed just three games over the past two campaigns. This is instrumental in building a winning team in a rough-and-tumble minor league.
I touched on Stuart’s scoring ability, but the six foot, one inch forward also brings much needed grit. Sure, you can have a team built around skilled players, but well-rounded clubs will pound them into the boards night after night. Stuart would not be considered a fighter, but he brings a solid fore check and the odd scrap or two. Over his two professional seasons, Stuart has had three fighting majors; winning two of them easily. I also recall when Stuart plastered renowned tough guy, Corey Fulton, into the near side glass with a crunching shoulder check. Fulton was none too pleased with the outcome…

Photo by Taylor Cantrelle.


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